2nd Meeting PlasmaTex, Bucharest, Romania, November 2016

Each of the partners prepared PPT presentation about their work and progress. For interest, University of Minho prepared PPT about Plasma treatment


  • The machine was operated at the optimized parameters: 1 kW of power, velocity of 4 m/min, five passages corresponding to a dosage of 2.5 kW min/m2.
  • Plasmatic dosage was defined by the equation:
  • where N = number of passages, P = power (W), v = velocity (m/min), and, l = width of treatment (0.5 m).




and Nanoparticle deposition:


  • Solutions of 1, 5 and 10 mg/ml of Ag, Cu And Zn nanoparticles was prepared in absolute ethanol and leave 2 hours in a ultrasonic bath until complete dispersion.
  • Then two methods for the nanoparticle deposition onto the woven and non-woven fabrics:

       a) spray deposition

       b) deposition by immersion



Conslusions of the 2nd Meeting focus on Scientific objectives, which are:


  • Investigation of the polymers matrix used for the Ag-composites preparation by variation of precursor: chitosan, hexamethyldisiloxane, poly(vinyl alchochol), mixtures
  • Plasma deposition of Ag containing composites with variation of Ag content on medical grade plastics: polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and polyurethane
  • Plasma deposition of nano-composites on medical textiles: woven and non-woven fiber based fabrics
  • Investigation of barrier layers deposition with controllable thickness of 5-50 nm on top of composite coatings
  • Analysis of chemical and structural properties of the deposited coatings
  • Effect of Ag content and presence of the barrier layer on release of Ag ions from the coatings
  • Investigation of mechanical, functional and antibacterial properties of the plasma modified textiles and plastics
  • Adaptations of the system to industrial requirements (safety issues, automation, deposition control, speed of the process, stability of work)
  • Up-scale of the system (reel-to-reel process, 65 cm width) with demonstration of the performance and costs estimations
Current status of the project:


  • DBD head is tested
  • DBD head is characterized in term of power, V/I, etc.
  • RF head is constructed
  • RF head is under the tests for deposition
  • in RUPT we have DC jet + tests + characterization
  • Aerosol injection is tested with DBD head
  • Nano-particles dipping and injection are tested with both DBD and DC heads
  • Precursor HMDSO is tested
  • Deposition on non-woven (RUPT and 2C2T) and woven (2C2T) materials is tested
  • Deposition CuNP, AgNPs and ZnONPs is tested (not only expensive Ag!!!!)
  • Cytotoxicity tests are initiated
  • Antibacterial tests are initiated
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