3rd Meeting PlasmaTex, Bucharest June 2017


Before that meeting partners had a quick Skype meeting in February 2017 just to report what is everyone doing and how succesfull they are.


3rd Meeting took place in Magurele-Bucharest, Romania, together with 17th International Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications (CPPA2017). Anton Nikoforov, project leader, was Invited speaker with presentation ''Plasma deposition of antibacterial coatings''.


Conslusion of the 3rd Meeting focus on Scientific objectives, which are:


  • Investigation of the polymers matrix used for the Ag-composites preparation by variation of precursor: chitosan, hexamethyldisiloxane, poly(vinyl alchochol), mixtures
  • Plasma deposition of Ag containing composites on medical plastics
  • Plasma deposition of nano-composites on medical textiles
  • Investigation of barrier layers deposition
  • Analysis of chemical and structural properties of the deposited coatings
  • Effect of Ag content and presence of the barrier layer on ions release
  • Investigation of mechanical, functional and antibacterial properties
  • Adaptations of the system to industrial requirements
  • Up-scale of the system (reel-to-reel process, 65 cm width)


Current status of the project:


  • Aerosol injection is tested with DBD head and RF head
  • Nano-particles dipping is tested with all plasma sources
  • Deposition CuNP, AgNPs and ZnONPs is tested
  • Effect of NPs load on antibacterial activity is tested
  • Effect of NPs load on releases of ions is under tests
  • Cytotoxicity for Ag loaded samples is tested
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