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1. Mechanisms of sustaining a radio-frequency atmospheric pressure planar discharge

(PSST, 2017)

Lei Wang, G. Dinescu, X. Deng, E.-Rosini Ionita, Ch. Leys, A. Yu Nikiforov

2. Quantitative measurements of ground state atomic oxygen in atmospheric pressure surface micro- discharge array

(J.Phys.D: Appl. Phys., 2017, DOI: 10.1088/1361-6463/aa6c44)

D. Li, M. Kong, N. Britun, R. Snyders, Ch. Leys, A. Nikiforov

3. Non- thermal plasma technology for the development of antimicrobial surfaces: a review

(J.Phys.D: Appl. Phys. 49, 204002 (8pp), 2016)

A. Nikiforov, X. Deng, Q. Xiong, U. Cvelbar, N. DeGeyter, R.Morent, Ch. Leys

4. Plasma Deposition of Antibacterial Nano-Coatings on Polymeric Materials

(ECS Trans. 2017 77(3): 53-61; doi:10.1149/07703.0053ecst)

A. Nikiforov, Ch. Leys, I. Kuchakova, M. Vanneste, P. Heyse, M. De Vrieze, A. Zille, Gh. Dinescu, B. Mitu, M. Modic,U. Cvelbar


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1. Effect of substrate on deposition of organosilicon films by atmospheric pressure low temperature plasmas

(PSST, 2017)

I. Kuchakova, G. Dinescu, E.-R. Ionita, B. Mitu, C. Leys, A.Yu Nikiforov,

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